mysteryradio online, a brief history - the early days

in october 2009 was born

the site as it was then, was soon discontinued due to a catastrophic failure of our server which unfortunately was not backed up

in 2010 another version of the site was launched which was online for several months until yet another server let us down, and yes, once again there was no backup, so the second version of the site was also lost

a third server was built which carried yet another new site version right up until the domain re-registration in october 2013, at this time the site was not 24/7

during the long hot summer of 2013 whilst mystery was running on its third server, and with only a few months remaining on the domain ownership, a decision was taken to close the site in october

on october 4 th some 2 days after the domain registration had expired we decided to re-register and also to bring this new site online 24 hours continuously, and so version 4 was born

radio listening at mystery

we are dedicated to listening to longwave, mediumwave and shortwave radio transmissions of various kinds

AM radio has passed the test of time and is still with us amongst this modern technological age, our great love is mediumwave radio listening, especially after dark, but in particular, the section of the band above 1600 khz where a plethora of constantly active dutch pirates can be heard

these dutch pirates have been on air for a very long time and we find they are fascinating to listen to

the shortwave bands are also a place of interest to us at mystery, and in particular the frequency range from 6.2 mhz up to 7 mhz

this area of shortwave is home to many active pirates including some of the dutch stations, often found during the summer months in the evenings, and weekends during the daytime

mystery today

hosting - we are now running the site using our own hosting system

updates - updates to information and pictures on the site are made from time to time whilst this old site format remains active

online - at the moment the site is online 24 hours per day but is subject to short interruptions from time to time

clips - mystery clips previously available in the mystery zone has currently been suspended

blog - the mystery blog in the home zone has been discontinued

further updates - we have begun using our newly built web server which is carrying the website 24/7. a new website format may be on the cards soon which will provide compatibilty with modern devices such as tablets, mobile phones etc.

2009 site on server 1

mystery memories

info zone

information about mystery

this page has been created to provide some background information about the site and the people behind it

check this page regularly for any updates or general information which may be added

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