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university of twente webSDR receiver

for those of you who have an interest but do not possess the receiving equipment shown and described elsewhere in this site, there is a brilliant website which you can access by clicking on the ‘listen to the radio’ button below

you will be taken to a website which is operated by the university of twente in holland

they operate a web based hf tuner system which allows each individual visitor at the site to uniquely select a frequency of their choice anywhere within the hf range

their device is hooked up to an antenna which offers great reception throughout the entire range

if you start by entering 198 into the frequency window, and switch to AM you will notice that bbc radio 4 comes in loud and clear

you will of course need speakers connected to your computer to hear the sound from this site

enjoy !


here you can listen to mystery clips from radio past

also check out the twente site link below where you can listen across the hf spectrum from 0.01 to 29.9 mhz

listen in am, fm, ssb and cw modes

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currently no clips are available