mystery receiving equipment

below are pictures of some of the receiving equipment used by us at mysteryradio at our various listening posts

radio zone

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the lowe hf225

made in england by lowe electronics and no longer produced

the 225 has exceptional performance and was built to last

if you can’t hear it, it isn't broadcasting !

the degen de1103

made in china the 1103 is one of the best performing portables of its size

some people are not keen on the display screen which digitally simulates the old style tunning dial

the aor ar7030

also made in england and by the same designer as the lowe hf225, this great receiver has exceptional performance and features all accessible from its built in menu system

sadly also no longer produced

dx zone

on the left here you can view up to date information and links to various sites of interest for us dx radio enthusiasts

this takes you away from the mysteryradio website and off into the world wide web via dxzone

** it appears this site is no more, we are looking into an alternative link for persuing this interest **